DIY from t-shirt to bag

DIY vom T-Shirt zum Beutel

Upcycling without needle and thread

Too many old t-shirts in the closet, but no shopping bag at hand?

In 5 minutes we solved both problems. Your old shirts can be turned into great shopping bags without a needle and thread. Your friends will envy you.

This is what you need




eye gauge or ruler


1. Step

Lay your t-shirt flat and cut off the sleeves, waistband, and collar. You can vary the depth of the collar a little, depending on how large the pouch opening should be.

Lay the t-shirt flat on the table again and mark strips about 12 cm long and 1.5 cm wide along the bottom edge. Since the T-shirt is doubled, you can now cut both layers into strips along the line.

T-Shirt mit abgeschnittenen TeilenT-Shirt mit Fransen

2. Step

Briefly pull the cut strips into length and then knot the opposite strips together. Tie a double knot to make it hold even better.

And see, your bag is finished and ready for use.

T-Shirt mit langezogenen FransenT-Shirt mit verknoteten Fransen




Eure Beverly Berlin

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