Once upon a shirt

Timeless upcycling fashion from Berlin

The second life is often better and old vintage shirts become extravagant accessories and magical miracle dresses.

We recycle old, discarded men's shirts and conjure up wonderful, handmade unique pieces from them. Whether wide or airy, bell-shaped, short or long, narrow or fluffy: these garments make a timeless but effective statement. Whether for leisure, business or the bustling city. With your sustainable behavior you are doing something good for our planet, because upcycling conserves our resources and that is good for our environment.

Your garment is made from recycled fabrics that have been carefully refurbished by us. But we always want to preserve the character of the shirt, after all, you should see that it used to be a shirt.

It's nice that you've decided on slow fashion and as long as there are enough shirts we'll stay on the ball.

According to our motto:

"While stocks last!"

Why are we doing this?

1. Because we love the challenge of creating something new out of the old

2. recycling or Resource conservation is becoming increasingly important

3. So that our planet might get better again

4. Upcycling is not just a fashion trend

5. Creating awareness of materials because we want to live a sustainable life

What does upcycling mean?

Upcycling converts waste products or (apparently) useless materials into new products. In contrast to downcycling, this form of recycling involves upgrading the material. The recycling of already existing material reduces the use of raw materials.


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