Beverly Berlin wonders if she lives sustainably

Am I living a sustainable life?

not exclusively!

And I think that this is not so bad either. We’re all tied into a daily routine that usually doesn’t leave us with many options for a zero-waste lifestyle. In our society this is also very difficult, the people who manage to do this have usually also dedicated their lives and their everyday life to this subject and earn their money with it.

For me, green living isn’t about being 100% perfect, it’s just about being the best you can be. It’s better to do a little bit than not to start at all. When you compare yourself to the (supposedly perfect) trailblazers on social media, it’s doomed and frustrating. I can assure you that very few of us are able to live a 100% waste-free or green life. For most of us, it’s just not possible in our everyday lives.

However, we can easily change a few small things in our lives and this will already have a positive influence on our environment. I’ve put together a few examples that almost anyone can get started with without having to completely change their routine.


Jute instead of plastic

The slogan of my youth! Plastic bags are stupid and in many situations also useless, you just have to be prepared. There are plenty of nice fabric alternatives, even if it’s just the one with the supermarket logo.

You can also make a quick bag yourself. All without sewing from an old t-shirt. Click here for upcycling instructions.

Jute Beutel statt Plastik Beutel

Re-use, recycle or upcycle

Your empty wrappers, like pickle or jam jars, are a wonderful substitute for the broken Tupperware. You can even use your new reusable packaging for freezing. Plastic packaging doesn’t all have to end up in the trash either, there are lots of great ideas for how you can recycle it. Here you will find a few suggestions.

Glasses instead of Tupperware for storage

From now on only unpacked!

Fruit and vegetables are now only available unpackaged! In the supermarket, almost all fruit and vegetables are also available in bulk. Better yet, there’s bound to be a weekly market near you, which actually has two benefits: Unpacked (of course you have your cotton bag with you) and regional.

Unpacked fruit Sustainable shopping

Your own water bottle!

Disposable water bottles should be a thing of the past. Either buy reusable glass bottles or better yet, drink tap water and get a water bottle. Tap water in Germany is very well controlled and also much cheaper than bottled water. You can also refill your own water bottle for free at many places in Germany. Refill Germany makes this possible.

Plastic bottle rubbish on the beach

Running, cycling
or use public transport

This is always the better alternative to the car. Anything you can do with these three modes of transportation is good for the environment. And at least two of them are also good for body and soul. If the car is necessary, use it for several errands at once. This not only protects your car, but also the environment.

Woman waits for S-Bahn, uses public transport

Enjoy - but the right way

And that’s in meat consumption. We don’t all have to become vegetarians or even vegans now, but a little less meat is good for all of us. Your body and nature will thank you.

Eat vegetarian and give up meat

Borrow instead of own!

There are many things that we only need once for a short time. Often it doesn’t even make sense to buy them right away. Tools are a good example. The hammer already belongs in every household, but you can borrow the drill or the steam jet. There are neighborhood initiatives that are good for this and hardware stores also offer loaner tools.

Borrow instead of buy
Recycled toilet paper

This is a very important point, because nothing is as useless as toilet paper made from freshly cut trees. Unlike many other types of paper, toilet paper cannot be recycled. However, it can be made wonderfully from recycled paper and still get our butts clean. Don’t worry, recycled toilet paper comes just as tender and fluffy as non-recycled.

Grandpa's handkerchiefs
are making a comeback!

It would be nice! But sadly, it doesn’t, although it would make a lot of sense. We all have a runny nose from time to time, at least I do, for example when I come in from outside. That’s exactly what I find them very useful for. You can wash them and then use them again. For a fat cold, however, I would also reach for the paper tissue.

Cloth handkerchiefs
No plastic cutlery
by delivery service

Too lazy to cook? Fortunately, there are alternatives. The delivery service of your favorite restaurant brings your food to your home. You can do without the plastic cutlery when ordering for home though, as you’re bound to have cutlery. Just let the delivery service know and make a small environmentally friendly contribution. Maybe you’ll take a look at which restaurants offer more environmentally friendly packaging and prefer them – or give your favourite Thai restaurant a tip that you think that would be great.

Plastic set
Buy second hand

Not everything you want to own in terms of clothing always has to be brand new. It may have had a previous owner after all, because that is incredibly easy on the environment. The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world after the meat industry. There are now many great thrift stores, including online. Swap platforms or upcycling labels are also a good alternative. Have a look in our shop. Still prefer something new? But then perhaps sustainably and fairly produced.

Buy second hand
Do I really need this?

We have way too much of everything, whether it’s clothes, food, or anything else. Shortages are usually not in our cupboards or on our hips. Before every purchase, the question should be: Do I really need this?

Beverly Berlin wonders if she lives sustainably
but keep it doable

This is probably the most important point of all. As I said at the beginning, it’s not about all of us choosing the zero waste lifestyle now, but if we all change a few things, a lot is already done. Of course, the more the merrier! But it is very important to do this in a fun and enjoyable way, because that is the only way to stay consistent. Change one thing at a time, so it goes without frustration.

Start slowly

Habt ein wundervolles Leben und gönnt es auch denen, die nach uns auf diesem Planeten leben wollen. Natürlich ist diese Liste erweiterbar und das wird sie bestimmt auch.

Wenn ihr noch weitere Ideen für ein nachhaltigeres Leben habt oder einfach nur eure Meinung hinterlassen wollt, freue ich mich sehr über euer Feedback.

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