Who is behind Jakobine Jakob?

"Jakobine Jakob" is an upcycling bag label, managed and founded by Ulla Heinz aka Beverly Berlin. The name is inspired by her grandmother and grandfather. "It just sounded good."

Ulla has no classic fashion or tailoring training behind her, but a varied professional career and has always had a soft spot for fashion and accessories.

Made from blankets

As a teenager, she taught herself to sew because she could never find the clothes she wanted (an 80's kid). Bags have always had to be different, stand out, be original. The satchel from kindergarten was converted into a handbag, the first backpack was a huge faux fur animal.

Then came the serious side of life and professionally things went in a different direction.

In 2017 she remembered her creative roots and wanted to create something with her own hands, ideally also in a sustainable way! Packing blankets, this gray colored fabric has always fascinated her, so the idea was tackled and implemented. And so Jakobine Jakob came into being.

Ulla Heinz founder of Jakobine Jakob

Pack blankets have always fascinated me. So gray but so colorful at the same time.

Pack blankets have always fascinated me. So gray but so colorful at the same time.

In a shameless way, a wide variety of materials wind together to form a bag that unites many lives.

Whether horse reins, bed sheets, linen or industrial blankets. Everything is sewn into extravagant eye-catchers that belong on every pretty shoulder. Our bags are made of sustainable materials and can accompany you for a lifetime.

Design by Beverly Berlin

Upcycling bags by Jakobine Jakob are original and sustainable life companions.

What are packing blankets?

1. light to dark gray blankets with multy-colored weaves

2. environmentally friendly production from recycled fibers

3. Material mix of shredded fabrics

4. strong durable material

5. Slightly dirt-repellent, knitted material

6. washable at 30°C