Bang red collar necklace


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  • Red collar
  • 48 cm long ribbons
  • Mixed fabrics
  • golden button to close
  • 2 golden decorative buttons on the collar
  • Collar width approx. 45 cm
  • Size XXL

Actually, the size is only important for men!

Size chart tie scarf & collar collier

Even small necks can carry big ones!


Upcycling from old men’s shirts

Can you change your whole look with only one accessory? Yes you can!

For example with our collar colliers- they complement every look and are always an absolute eye-catcher. Your simple dress becomes a business look or your evening styling gets the extra touch.

The whole thing is particularly sustainable, because with us it is:

100 % upcycling without ifs and buts!

At Once Upon a Shirt… we work exclusively with old vintage shirts. Most of them are made of 100% cotton, but there are also great shirts made of mixed fabrics, and we don’t want to deprive you of these. If the label is missing, we can’t say for sure what’s inside the shirt, which is why we sometimes refer to the material of our unique pieces as a blended fabric.

Although we do not always know what is inside the shirt, we can guarantee that they are always washable at 40 degrees and ironable on medium level. But you have to be a little careful with the decorative buttons.

More information about Once upon a shirt ….

In the end there is nothing left


Es war einmal ein Hemd …

Es war einmal ein Hemd...

Additional information


100% cotton

Care instructions

The collars are made from men's shirts and are therefore washable. Please wash with similar colors, please remove jewelry buttons before washing. Iron on a light level.