cute floral dress from shirts


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  • scoop neckline
  • one button placket in front
  • short slightly puffy arms
  • comfortable fit
  • top cut close to the body
  • wide below
  • straight fit
  • Orange, Red, Yellow, Green
  • Size M

Chest width approx. 48 cm

Hip size approx. 54 cm

Back length approx. 95 cm

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cute upcycling dress from flower shirt

Two discarded shirts became a beautiful floral dress.

This handmade model, is created from two different shirts. These were carefully selected for each other and sewn together individually. Here, the button placket on the bottom adds a nice detail. Each dress is always absolutely unique and also particularly sustainable. because our motto is:

100 % upcycling without ifs and buts!

At Once Upon a Shirt… we work exclusively with old vintage shirts. Most of them are made of 100% cotton, but there are also great shirts made of mixed fabrics, and we don’t want to deprive you of these. If the label is missing, we can’t say for sure what’s inside the shirt, which is why we sometimes refer to the material of our unique pieces as a blended fabric.

Your dress is washable at 40 degrees and ironable on a medium setting.

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In the end there is nothing left



Es war einmal ein Hemd …

Es war einmal ein Hemd...

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100% cotton

Care instructions

The dresses are made from men's shirts and are therefore washable at 40° degrees and can be ironed on a light setting. Please do not bleach.