In the end there is nothing left of that shirt!

At least not much.

So the separated collars become great necklaces that pimp every shirt.

Either just let the ribbons hang loose or tie them into a bow.

  • Grey checkered collar
  • dark red ribbons approx. 50 cm long
  • glittering button

Colors: grey, red

Collar width: approx. 41 cm

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  • Beschreibung

    The men’s shirts we use are normally made out of 100% cotton and so are our collars.

    However, since we work with used shirts and sometimes there is no label, so that we cannot guarantee it is cotton, which is why we call them mixed fabrics.

    What we can guarantee though, is that the dresses and accessories are washable at 40° degrees and can be ironed at a medium level.

    Your accessory will be shipped in beautiful, environmentally friendly packaging.


  • Marke


    Es war einmal ein Hemd …

    Abgelegt und ausgedient. Von wegen!

    Das zweite Leben ist oft das Bessere und aus aussortierten Herrenhemden werden zauberhafte Wunderkleider oder extravagante Accessoires – Design by Beverly Berlin

  • Zusätzliche Information


    The collars are made from men's shirts and are therefore washable. Please wash with similar colors, please remove jewelry buttons before washing. Iron on an easy setting.

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