Upcycling fashion without ifs and buts

Handmade unique pieces from recycled materials

Beverly Berlin is an Upcycling Slow Fashion Label for exceptional fashion, bags and accessories. From secondhand clothes, original vintage fabrics and misappropriated materials, new handmade favorite pieces are created for fashionistas, who are what they want to be: casual, unconventional, natural and over-the-top. casual, unadjusted, natural and over the top. For all those who like unusual materials and fresh cuts and live a conscious lifestyle with heart and consideration. Just like that. Out of conviction!

For themselves. the thing. And a healthy planet.

We're going ahead while supplies last, and it's looking very good.


  • Garments with history are bought by us or sometimes we receive wonderful donations.

  • The various materials are sorted and lovingly cleaned.

  • The garments are given a second life. Extravagant and unmistakable unique pieces are made from old clothes.

  • The renewed piece is waiting for you to write new unforgettable stories with you again.

Our opening hours

In our Atelier, in Körteststr. 10, 10967 Berlin

Wednesday to Friday

12:00 - 18:30

or by appointment