Am I living a sustainable life?

Lebe ich ein nachhaltiges Leben? Was ist nachhaltiger Konsum?

Not exclusively!

And I think that's not too bad either. We are all involved in an everyday life that usually does not leave us many opportunities for a zero-waste lifestyle. This is also very difficult in our society, the people who manage to do this have usually dedicated their lives to this topic and earn their money with it.

For me, living green isn't about being 100% perfect, it's just about being as good as possible. It's better to do a little than not to start at all. Comparing yourself to the (supposedly perfect) social media pioneers is doomed and frustrating. I can assure you that very few of us are able to produce a 100% zero waste or zero waste. live green life. For most of us, it's just not possible in everyday life.

But we can easily change a few small things in our lives and that already has a positive impact on our environment. I've put together a few examples that almost anyone can start with without having to completely change their daily routine.

Jute instead of plastic

The slogan of my youth! Plastic bags are stupid and useless in many situations, you just have to be prepared. There are many nice fabric alternatives out there, even if it's just the ones with the supermarket logo.

But you can also quickly make your own bag. Without sewing from an old t-shirt.  Here you can learn how Upcycling instruction.


 Jute Beutel


Re-use, recycle oder upcycle

Your empty packaging, like pickle or jam jars, make a wonderful replacement for the broken Tupperware. You can even use your new reusable packaging to freeze. The plastic packaging doesn't all have to end up in the garbage either, there are many great ideas on how you can recycle it.


 Gläser zur Aufbewahrung


From now on only unpackaged!

Fruit and vegetables are now only available unpackaged! Almost all fruit and vegetables are also available loose in the supermarket. Even better, there's bound to be a weekly market near you, which even has two advantages: unpackaged (of course you've got your cotton bag with you) and regional.


 unverpacktes Obst und Gemüse


Your own water bottle! 

Disposable water bottles should be a thing of the past. Either buy reusable glass bottles, or better yet, drink tap water and get a water bottle. Tap water is very well controlled in Germany and also much cheaper than water bought in bottles. You can also fill up your own drinking bottle free of charge in many places in Germany. Refill Germany makes that possible.


 Plastikflaschen Müll


Walk, bike, or use public transportation

This is always the better alternative to the car. Anything you can do with these three modes of transportation is kind to the environment. And at least two of them are also good for body and soul. If the car is necessary, use it for several errands at once. This not only protects your car, but also the environment.




Enjoy - but right!

And when it comes to eating meat. We don't all have to become vegetarian or even vegan, but a little less meat is good for all of us. Your body and nature will thank you.


Essen genießen


Borrow instead of own!

There are many things that we only need once briefly. It often makes no sense to buy them straight away. Tools are a good example. Every household should have a hammer, but you can borrow a drill or steam jet. There are neighborhood initiatives that are well suited for this and hardware stores also offer tools for hire.




Recycled toilet paper

This is a very important point, because nothing is as useless as toilet paper from freshly cut trees. Unlike many other types of paper, toilet paper cannot be recycled. But it can be wonderfully made from waste paper and still perfectly cleans our butt. Don't worry, recycled toilet paper is just as soft and fluffy as non-recycled ones.


 recycling toiletten papier


Cloth handkerchiefs should celebrate a comeback

Would be nice! Unfortunately, that's not the case, although it would make a lot of sense. We get runny noses from time to time, at least that's how it is for me, for example when I come in from somewhere outside. That's what I find very useful for that. You can wash them and then use them again. But if I had a bad cold, I would also use a paper handkerchief.




Don't use plastic cutlery

Too lazy to cook? Luckily there are alternatives. The delivery service from your favorite restaurant brings your food to your home. But you can do without the plastic cutlery when ordering for home, since you certainly have cutlery. Simply let the delivery service know and make a small environmentally friendly contribution. Maybe you also pay attention to which restaurants offer more environmentally friendly packaging and prefer it - or give your favorite Thai a tip that you think it's great.




Buy second hand

Not everything you want to own in clothing has to be brand new. It may have had a previous owner, because that protects the environment immensely. The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world after the meat industry. There are now many great second-hand shops, including online. Exchange platforms or upcycling labels are also a good alternative. Take a look at ours Shop past. Still prefer something new? But then maybe produced sustainably and fairly.


 Second hand kaufen


do I really need this

We have far too much of everything, whether it's clothing, food or whatever. There is usually no shortage in our closets or on our hips. Before making any purchase, ask yourself: do I really need this

Start slowly - step by step

This is probably the most important point of all. As I said at the beginning, it's not about us all choosing the zero-waste lifestyle now, but if we all change a few things, a lot has already been achieved. Of course: the more, the better! But it is very important to do this with fun and enthusiasm, because this is the only way we can stay consistent. Change over one by one, that's how it works without frustration.

Have a wonderful life and also treat those who want to live on this planet after us. Of course, this list can be expanded and it will certainly be. If you have any other ideas for a more sustainable life or just want to leave your opinion, I would be very happy to receive your feedback.

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