This is how you clean your tie

Gummi Handschuh mit Bürste

Ties are beautiful but also delicate products as they are mostly made of silk. Unfortunately, you can't just throw them in the washing machine, so here are a few tricks to show you how to get stains out of them anyway. If all the tips and tricks for cleaning your tie don't help, there is always the possibility to take it to the dry cleaner. In any case, never wash your silk ties in the washing machine.



First option

Take a white cotton cloth and moisten it a little with spirit or mineral spirits. Gently dab your silk tie clean with it. Do not rub, this will only damage your LULAS. Be patient! You may have to repeat the process! Then air the tie well.

Second option

Use a jar with a lockable lid like a mini washing machine. Roll up the silk ties (remove the button beforehand if necessary) and put them in the glass. Pour some white spirit into the jar and then close it. Shake the glass a little so that the white spirit is evenly distributed. Leave the whole thing overnight so that everything can evaporate and get the stain out of your LULAS. The next day you have to get the tie out of the glass and let it air out well. Many stains have already disappeared overnight.

Third option

Another proven remedy for removing grease stains is talcum powder. Carefully sprinkle a little talcum powder on the stain and leave the powder to act (do not rub). Talcum powder absorbs moisture and grease. After a few minutes you can carefully tap the talc off your LULAS.

Ironing LULAS?

Do you want to iron your tie? No problem! Always place a kitchen towel over your LULAS to protect them. Silk and polyester are very sensitive to heat and therefore melt very quickly. Set your iron on a low setting and gently go over the tie. Do not press and iron slowly.

Do you have a LULAS made of polyester?

A polyester tie is more resilient when it comes to stains. You can clean them well with a little warm water. If this is not enough to remove the stain, use some detergent (without bleach). In an emergency, you can wash your polyester LULAS in the washing machine.


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