Why an accessory?

Warum ein Accessoire? - Beverly-Berlin

Yes why? Because I make great upcycling accessories? Hüstl! Yes could be a reason;-).

But let's be honest, there are many different reasons to equip your wardrobe with accessories.

Expression of personality: An accessory will allow you to express your individual style and personality. Whether it's jewelry, a handbag or a belt, the accessory can serve as an expression of your own taste and preferences.

Frau mit Kragencollier

Upgrading the outfit: A well-chosen accessory can enhance an outfit and give it that certain something. It can turn a simple wardrobe into an elegant look or a simple outfit a touch of Color And add extravagance.

Timeliness and trend awareness: A fashion accessory can help give your simple outfit a super trendy flair. By choosing trendy accessories, you can meet the current fashion trends, make a fashion statement and simply present yourself as a trendsetter without having to buy a completely new wardrobe. That is also super sustainable.

Frau mit Upcycling Schlipsschal von Beverly Berlin

Functionality: Many accessories also have a practical use. A wristwatch can show the time, a handbag offers storage space, a scarf keeps warm and protects against the cold.

Overall, a fashion accessory can be not only an aesthetic element, but also perform a practical and personal function. It offers you the opportunity to express your individuality more strongly and to enhance your outfits.

And as an additional great highlight, you can also contribute to resource conservation with my upcycling accessories, avoid waste and be absolutely trendy.

Best wishes

Beverly Berlin

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