BentoBag Upcycling

BentoBag Upcycling

hand made, from a shirt
DIY instructions


Here I will show you how you can easily create your BentoBag or BentoBag. you can make a lunch bag yourself.

BentoBags are great for upcycling because you can replace any kind of disposable packaging with this bag. They are also ideal as gift packaging. Our bags in the shop are from Once upon a shirt  and thus made from old shirt leftovers.

Our goal is to have less plastic in our waterways and landfills in exchange for more lush green lands and clean oceans for all living things.

Bento bags are suitable for things that need packaging to transport them. They are ideal for your purchase of grains, pasta, nuts and small products. Or as storage for your lunch break. You can also use it as a cosmetic, travel or project bag. Especially knitters are crazy about these organizers.

Here you see step-by-step,
how it works.

Your first step to the upcycling BentoBag. In the pattern, the orange side is on the outside of the fabric and the dark red is on the inside.

Der Zuschnitt Bento Bag


Cut the fabric into an even rectangle. The width is 3 x the height e.g. 60 cm x 20 cm plus 1 cm seam allowance. Also 62 cm x 22 cm.


After cutting

Fold the top left edge at a right angle to the bottom edge. The bottom right edge is folded up.


The last fold


Fold the bottom left corner up so the bottom edge becomes a right angle.


From now on we sew


Sew the open side in front and back. And then you did it.


Have fun with sustainable packaging.


Eure Beverly Berlin

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