We at LULAS definitely do the most creative tie upcycling

The tie is our exclusive upcycling material - always unique.

There are so many colors and patterns of designer ties, the shape also varies between wide and narrow. Each of these old, discarded vintage ties inspires us to create an exclusive and unique piece. It doesn't matter whether it's made of silk, polyester, wool or leather.



The tie has always appealed to me, "I'm Ulla Heinz - founder of the accessories label LULAS. From Berlin. Who would have thought that!

I've always liked wearing ties as an accessory. Whether around the neck in the classic way, or with a turtleneck sweater instead of a shirt - as a belt so that the pants don't slip or the dress fits better.

In the meantime, I make every conceivable accessory out of ties. The colorful variety in shape, color and pattern inspires me again and again. In this way, every tie becomes an absolutely unique piece.

The upcycling of ties takes place in my Kreuzberg studio, where all the designs are created and most of the unique pieces are also made there."

Fun facts about the tie

1. the 18th October is a day of action as "World Tie Day".

2. In the 1920s, the garçonne adopted the man's tie as a sign of their emancipation.

3. Around 1900 women's rights activists underlined their efforts towards equality by wearing ties

4. In the 1970s and 1980s, the women's tie was introduced as a uniform item for the German police force. So far, this has existed, except for the Brandenburg police.

5. In the German Bundestag, the tie requirement for secretaries was abolished in 2014 at the request of the Presidium members Claudia Roth and Petra Pau.


That's how you put on a Lulas