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Upcycling Krawatt Necklace in blue

Upcycling Krawatt Necklace in blue


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  • fancy pattern - belt buckle

  • Tie is from Herkules Made in Norway

  • Absolutely unique

  • 100 % Polyester

  • Very pleasant quality

  • Lila Knopf

  • blue, Lila, white

  • One Size

sizes table tie scarf & collar collier

Upcycling is our profession

Ever worn a tie necklace? Then it's about time you pimp your business with our necklaces made of vintage ties Lalso.

Great patterns, great colors and then mostly made of a noble material! Ties are such a cool accessory that it's a shame to only give them to men. LULAS has set itself the task of rethinking the typical men's accessory for us women. We turn a great vintage tie into an extravagant upcycling accessory for women (a man can of course also wear it).

The tie becomes a necklace and thus changes your personality Lalso. Each upcycling tie necklace is absolutely unique.

We mainly process silk ties. Only with the seventies designs, or even older, sometimes we can't keep our hands off the polyester. Our products are processed exclusively in Germany and are always discarded, no longer wanted ties on the way to a new destination. In this way we want to help reduce the mountains of rubbish and bring a little more slow fashion into the world.

Here you will find care tips.

LULAS are chic, unusual accessories made from discarded vintage ties. We give this a second, more fashionable look and make it your new accessory highlight.

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