Sustainable upcycling fashion from Berlin.

The second life is often the better and old clothes become extravagant accessories and magical miracle clothes.

We are an upcycling slow fashion label for extraordinary fashion, bags and accessories. New handmade favorites for fashionistas are created from second-hand clothing, original vintage fabrics and materials that are not intended for use. They are what they want to be: casual, unconventional, natural and over-the-top. For everyone who likes unusual materials and fresh cuts and lives a conscious lifestyle with heart and care. Simply that way. Of conviction!

For himself. the thing. And a healthy planet.


“Beverly Berlin” is an upcycling slow fashion label, run and founded by me, Ulla Heinz.

I have not completed any classic fashion or tailoring training, I am self-taught with a colorful professional career. But there has always been a soft spot for fashion and accessories.

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    A shirt today, a dress tomorrow. This is Berlin and the city is in our blood. Light years away from the mainstream, we are home to exceptional repurpose one-offs that tell their own crazy story as cool everyday companions or snappy It pieces. About old and good life, the reinvention of being or like Berlin: about the unmade magic of perfectly imperfect things.


    Consciousness is our fuel. For creations, our attitude and our will to change. We are fed up with throwing away and treat our planet with love and responsibility. So we recycle, upcycle, re-use and repurpose our fashion like crazy. No frills, blah blah, and to prove: Slow is always way hotter and Fast is Sch***'s sister.


    Beverly Berlin makes something new out of old and unusual materials. This is pure joy for us. Especially when our handmade treasures become beloved favorites. So we pass on our love. With the highest quality and characteristic details. For you and all the colorful people to whom our fashion tells an attractive new story.


    You can get our products in a loving and environmentally friendly packaging. Our goal is to produce as little plastic waste as possible. This also applies to our creations and their production.


    We ship our goods exclusively with the climate-neutral shipping of DHL or Deutsche Post. However, we keep our logistics on the test bench and always decide new in favor of the most environmentally friendly solution.


    Since we work with used materials, we cannot always guarantee how makes are composed or which path they have taken in the course of their lives. We obtain the materials from selected second-hand shops, donations or clothing collections. We communicate existing information transparently.

  • Einkaufswagen

    Garments with history are bought by us or we get wonderful donations.

  • The various materials are sorted and lovingly cleaned.

  • Nähmaschine

    Garments are given a second life. Old items become extravagant and unmistakable unique pieces.

  • schwarz-weißes Kleid

    The renewed piece is waiting for you to create new unforgettable stories with you.

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